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[Like] ant colonies, economies sometimes fall apart. In human terms, we call those times ‘recession.’ We can recover from them, but they set us back. However… they don’t have to set all of us back. Unlike ants, we can see the big picture. And if we see it clearly, recessions can be opportunities.

John Mauldin

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“Monday's trading and (Chris and Jake’s recommendations) gain increased my portfolio in the amount of a year's wages after taxes!!!!! (...) Keep up the fantastic research!!”

Keith T.

“I’m very much enjoying In the Money... I appreciate the actionable guidance that educates while providing a solid financial base in these turbulent times.”

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Over My Shoulder is the single best provider of most relevant micro- and macroeconomic research on the market. In a world where we are inundated with information, John's service makes it easier to spend more time reflecting and thinking about the world we invest in, as opposed to trying to read every single thing.”


“Thank you for offering [Yield Shark]. Income opportunities in this environment are just what I was looking for.”

R. Flint

“500% return in 72 hours. Definitely paid for my annual subscription.”

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