Kevin Brekke

Kevin is the editor of the Rational Bear newsletter, our premium short selling service. He and his team spot over-valued companies and sectors where the bullish consensus is out of step with fundamental realities.

He was previously the managing editor for a team of global analysts at World Money Analyst, another Mauldin Economics service. A unique and innovative monthly advisory letter, World Money Analyst presented investment opportunities in companies from across the globe as well as strategies to internationalize your wealth.

As an avid proponent of asset internationalization, Kevin has vetted many of the world’s best companies that offer wealth protection and diversification. Personal due diligence is his top priority, and he continually monitors developments in reporting requirements for Americans with offshore assets.

His frequent travels have taken him to over 30 countries, logging millions of air miles. This has shaped a worldview free of political boundaries and unencumbered by patriotism. He lived in Germany and Switzerland for several years and currently splits his time between domiciles in Europe and the US.

Kevin was formerly affiliated with a well-known investment research company as an editor for several years prior to joining the Mauldin organization. His other passions include following the indie music scene and nurturing his vinyl record obsession while enjoying them on vintage audio gear. He received a BS in Political Science from Portland State University in 2001.