The 10th Man, February 2018

Hedge Fund Guys

February 22, 2018

Hedge fund guys aren’t well-liked, which I find interesting. Most people don’t even know what a hedge fund is. And if they knew, they probably wouldn’t care. Who cares about running money for Richie Rich?

The Return of Porkulus

February 15, 2018

As most of you know, I used to be in the Coast Guard. I served from 1992-2001, closely coinciding with Bill Clinton’s time in office.

You Can’t Unring the Bell

February 8, 2018

Let’s talk about the crash, or the mini-crash, or the dislocation, or whatever you want to call it. Six percent intraday is getting close to crash territory, especially when you’ve seen no volatility over the last two years.

There Won’t Be Three Rate Hikes This Year

February 1, 2018

Now would be a good time to follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already, because stuff is about to get real.