The 10th Man, February 2017

When It’s Time to Leave the Party

February 23, 2017

My good friend Michael Martin, author of The Inner Voice of Trading, once told me his surefire recipe for staying out of trouble in college. He would leave a party the first time a beer bottle was thrown against the wall. He would be halfway down the street by the time the cops showed up, lights flashing.

The Future’s So Dark, I Gotta Take My Shades Off

February 16, 2017

Interstellar: my number one favorite movie of all time. Numero uno.

Puts for a Stink

February 9, 2017

Football is over! What a game.

Celebrity Deathmatch

February 2, 2017

I read somewhere that MTV was bringing this back, the Claymation series where annoying celebrities would beat each other to a pulp in a wrestling ring. They have to do one for Yellen vs. Trump.