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A decade of digital transformation is unfolding. Co-editors Dawn Pennington and Kevin Brekke introduce you to the innovators behind today's most powerful and profitable, trends.

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An objective, agenda-free look (and an occasional eyeroll) at the markets, economy, companies, and social trends that are shaping our world—for better or worse. Contributors include Dawn Pennington. Delivered weekly on Tuesday.

Mauldin Economics' Reality Check
Dawn Pennington

Dawn Pennington

Editor, Reality Check

Dawn Pennington has spent the past two decades as a financial editor, writer, and department head for several top financial publishing houses —including Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.-based Weiss Ratings, Baltimore-based Agora Companies, and Washington, DC-based Phillips Investment Resources —gaining a top-notch trading education alongside some of the most prolific traders and investors in the country.

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