Connecting the Dots, April 2018

Privacy Is Dying, Like It or Not

April 24, 2018

The funny thing about breakthrough technologies is that we rarely see the break. They tend to sneak up on us. Every now and then, something revolutionary comes out of nowhere, like the iPhone in 2007, but it still took a few more years to take off.

A Productivity Paradox

April 17, 2018

Economics is the study of people’s rational choices when they’re faced with scarcity and uncertainty.

Tariff Tough Talk

April 10, 2018

International trade policy shouldn’t be headline news. We just need stability, so everyone can conduct business—but that’s not where we are.

Three Cracks Threatening Stocks

April 3, 2018

You may have noticed stocks have stopped going straight up. By itself, that’s not scary. Bull markets and high volatility can coexist, and often did until the last few years.