Connecting the Dots, October 2018

China Trade Solution Is Hiding in Plain Sight

October 30, 2018

If the news media’s White House sources are correct, President Trump’s trade war with China may soon intensify.

How Free Trade Can Fix Healthcare

October 23, 2018

I wrote last week about the huge amount of money Americans spend on healthcare. Many people simply can’t afford to get the care they need.

Healthcare Is Eating the Economy

October 16, 2018

Being sick is no fun, whether you’re a patient or the economy. Illness disrupts people’s lives and, economically speaking, diverts scarce resources from more productive uses.

NAFTA Isn’t Gone Yet

October 9, 2018

To hear some people talk, the North American Free Trade Agreement is practically dead. Soon a newly negotiated revision will take its place.

Trump’s China Tariffs Not Playing in Peoria

October 2, 2018

Free trade is amazingly popular for something that doesn’t actually exist. Even Americans who can’t define free trade tell pollsters they love it.