Connecting the Dots, August 2019

Globalization Hits a Brick Wall Named Trump

August 27, 2019

Until about 50 years ago, people paid attention to the area where they lived. They read local papers, shopped at local merchants, and socialized at local events.

Tariff Carnival Ride

August 20, 2019

“Donald Trump Saves Christmas,” said the Gizmodo headline last week.

Trump’s Trade War Is Over and Nobody Won

August 13, 2019

“You break it, you own it.”

Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell cited this Pottery Barn rule back in 2002. He was advising President George W. Bush of the consequences should an Iraq invasion go badly.

Trump’s Trade War Is Paralyzing Business

August 6, 2019

The way you feel about yourself affects your behavior... and the economy.