Connecting the Dots, February 2018

Steel Yourself for Metallic Trade War

February 27, 2018

Some people, including me, have been predicting trade war ever since the 2016 election—and for a good reason. President Trump promised all sorts of harsh trade actions. He killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement within days of taking office, which was a big deal.

Blame IQ Tests for the Student Debt Problem

February 20, 2018

Everyone is worried about debt. Government debt, household debt, personal debt, corporate debt. We are in it up to our eyeballs and often beyond.

The Stock Market Isn’t America

February 13, 2018

Did the recent 10% drop in the stock market bother you? Let me take a wild guess: it’s because you have money in stocks. No one likes seeing their net worth decline.

The Problem with Healthcare Is Profit

February 6, 2018

Never fear, the billionaires are here. They will save us from medical bankruptcy.