Connecting the Dots, August 2017

Why Super-Efficient School Bus Routes Could Wreck the US Economy

August 29, 2017

Everyone is worried about robots. Elon Musk fears they will kill us all if we give them both deadly weapons and autonomy.

How American Blood Can Fill the Trade Deficit

August 22, 2017

In June, the US ran a $32.6 billion “trade in goods” deficit with China. That’s the difference between our imports from China ($42.3 billion) and our exports to China ($9.7 billion), according to the US Census Bureau.

Korea Standoff Won’t Stop Trump Trade War

August 15, 2017

What do freight trains, oil supertankers, and the Trump administration’s trade plans have in common? Once they get going, they’re pretty much unstoppable.

Disconnection Reflection

August 8, 2017

10 years ago this summer, the world changed. The remarkable part is how quickly we forgot.

The Inefficient Market Sector That’s About to Create a Buzz

August 1, 2017

If you were to ask me what the most inefficient US market sector is, I would probably say, defense.