Connecting the Dots, September 2018

Machines Will Do Half Our Work by 2025

September 25, 2018

Whether you see it or not, a machine is coming for your job right now. Yes, yours.

Wage Growth Surging? Not Really

September 18, 2018

The US economy is at “full employment,” says the official 3.9% unemployment rate. Every educated person who wants to work has at least one job. Some of us have several.

Reality Gets Too Virtual at SXSW

September 11, 2018

Patrick Watson is working on a special project this week. The following is one of his most popular columns, originally published March 21, 2017.

Do We Really Know What Causes Events?

September 4, 2018

Suppose we asked 100,000 random people to flip a coin until it landed on tails. 50,000 would get tails on the first flip.  On the next flip, 25,000 would get tails, then 12,500, and so on.