Connecting the Dots, November 2016

Dirty Jobs and Macro Questions

November 30, 2016

Every day brings a new warning: robots are coming to take our jobs. Soon we’ll all be unemployed… and unable to buy what the robots produce.

India’s Chaotic Cash Crackdown

November 22, 2016

Two weeks ago, millions of Americans voted against Hillary Clinton because, among other reasons, we thought she would raise taxes or otherwise take our money.

The Trump Trade War Already Started

November 15, 2016

After the initial shock-and-awe reaction to the surprise Trump victory, the markets rejoiced last week… a lot.

How Obamacare Could Have Saved the Economy

November 8, 2016

Some people say Obamacare was designed to fail, a clever attempt to pull us toward socialized healthcare.

Welcome to the Counterfeit Economy

November 1, 2016

Little things add up.