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Thoughts From the Frontline, Europe

32 posts tagged with “Europe”.

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Investing on Faith

June 1, 2001

Faith is an interesting thing. "The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen," said Paul. Invisible though it may be, faith makes men do things that all the facts in the world, lined end upon end, could not provoke them to do.

Bear Market Rally

April 27, 2001

Have we seen the bottom? Is it onward and upward? As I start this e-letter, the S&P and DOW are trying to top their recent highs. Will the S&P go through the 1250 resistance level? Is my short trade in jeopardy? Is it time to become a bull?

I will become bullish once again, but not yet, fellow traveler. While I cannot see around the Curve In The Road, I can read the warning signs. They keep telling us to watch out for bear traps.

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