Thoughts From the Frontline, October 2002

Glass Ceiling Investing

October 25, 2002

Earlier this year I wrote that the deduction of option expenses and proper accounting for pension liabilities would become an issue, and that it was highly likely that when new accounting standards are adopted that these would be addressed. If so, then it would be a large drag upon future corporate earnings. These new accounting standards are going to create a glass ceiling, if you will, over the stock market.

The Grandfather of Bear Markets

October 18, 2002

Today we return to our assigned task of trying to find some patterns in the data to help us determine the direction of the economy and the markets. There are lots of bread crumbs on this trail, so let's see what conclusions they lead us to.

First, the evidence mounts that we are still in what I call the Muddle Through Economy - a slow growth, no-new-jobs type of recovery that seems to be alternately teasing us with potential for growth and frustrating us with weakness. Weakness is winning.

Why Investors Fail

October 11, 2002

Exactly what use is past performance? How can you spot a trend before it starts, and determine when it will stop? And when will the next big bear market rally start? This week we examine why so many investors fail, and why a few succeed over and over again. While I am sure that none of my regular readers make these mistakes, this will be a useful column to send to your friends who have not been as successful as you. Oh, yes, and I tell you how to know when the next big rally starts. Let's...

History versus the Fed

October 4, 2002

Today we are going to try and help you understand the strange action in the stock and bond markets. We are going to look into the future, and see if we can get a feel for what's around the curve in the road. Is it smooth driving, or are there some rocks in the road we need to avoid?

Last week I asked, "What if they gave a Dollar Devaluation Party and no one came?" After a quick review, I am going to follow up on the implications of this theme, as I believe this is going to have a big impact...