Thoughts From the Frontline, May 2001

Tiny Bubbles?

May 25, 2001

This week I want to welcome 500 or so new readers, many at the suggestion of my old friend and sushi partner, Tony Sagami. Lately we have been getting a lot of referrals from readers and other investment writers, and I am grateful for the growth. I do spend a lot of time researching and writing this letter. It is nice to have someone recommend my writing to a friend or colleague.

Son of a Bubble

May 19, 2001

Is the stock market the Little Engine That Could? Have I blown it when I suggested you get out a few weeks ago as the Dow rises another 7% and the NASDAQ is up 10% since then and 30% since the recent bottom? Am I early or am I simply wrong? Is there something really different this time?

Hedge Funds & You

May 11, 2001

In today's e-letter I want to briefly give you an overview of the hedge fund and private offering industry and to show some of you how you may be eligible to participate in this investment arena. If you know what and where to ask, you can get information on private offerings, such as hedge funds, which may be of great interest to you.

What’s that Churning Sound

May 7, 2001

Today we area going to address two topics. The second will be what the numbers tell us about where the economy is headed.

But first, I want to go back to a letter I wrote a few weeks ago. In it, I suggested you get out of the stock market, as the data I am looking at suggests the market is due for a serious drop. That did generate a few negative responses, though not as many as I would have thought. Most were thoughtful comments.

But last week, after a discussion with my good friend Gary...