Thoughts From the Frontline, January 2001

Alan to the Rescue

January 26, 2001

The Millennium Wave Investor Sentiment Index is a red-hot 84.4, trending up
The Millennium Wave Sentiment Momentum Index is 46.6, trending down
The Millennium Wave Sentiment Percentage Uptrends is 23.75, leaping up!

The Millennium Wave Sector Model has switched into the Rydex Internet fund (RYIIX)

Your outspoken analyst is back from DC and the inaugural shindig. While I was there, I went to Baltimore and met with the editors and publishers of The Fleet Street Letter. They asked me to be...

The Peter Pan Market

January 19, 2001

I like airplane trips. They give me the time to read and think, free from phones and to-do lists. I have spent the last hour going over our lengthy investment sentiment numbers. And what I find is very interesting.

Bull or Bear?

January 12, 2001

The Millennium Wave Sector Model has switched into the Rydex Energy Services fund (RYVIX)

First, I can count to five. I know last issue I said the four most dangerous words are "This time it is different" -- is five words. But I meant to write "This time it's different." I promise you if you look at the punch ballot, you can see the dimpled chad which clearly indicates I meant to use the contraction. And besides, there was a crowd outside my office, etc. I hate it when I make mistakes so...

The Five Most Dangerous Words in the World

January 5, 2001

The Investor Sentiment Index is 82
The Investor Sentiment Momentum Index is 52
The Investor Sentiment Uptrends Index is 20.3
The Sector Rotation model switches from Energy Services to Banking

What a week in the markets!

These are the times that try men's soul's, and their pocketbooks.

I think today I will give you some insight into the mind (and stomach) of a market timer. You will find it instructive.