Thoughts From the Frontline, October 2001

The Liquidity Trap

October 26, 2001

This week we will start with a letter from a reader who asks an important question that is on your mind (not to mention mine). From there we will piece together some odd bits of data, some of which I picked up from the hedge fund conference I attended in Bermuda and see what type of forest we are wandering around in.

Slip Sliding Away

October 19, 2001

One of the constant complaints of Yankees who come to Texas is that those of us who are natives do not know how to drive on ice. This is true. But that is because we only get to practice about once a year. We don't seem to remember what to do from year to year. Is it steer into the slide or away from it? What do we do when we start sliding back down the hill? It can cause huge traffic tie-ups.

How Should We Then Invest?

October 12, 2001

Last week we began a series on developing a philosophy of investing. This week we will continue with part 2 as we focus on what types of investments should do well after the economy turns around. Then we look at specific funds you can go into now.

Rules of Engagement

October 4, 2001

Today begins a two part series on a framework for investing when the economy starts to recover. It is my belief that investors need to have a consistent philosophy of investing when choosing investments, otherwise your portfolio looks like the local dog pound: a few lonely purebreds mixed in with a lot of mutts. Some of the mutts end up becoming your best friend, but mostly they just mess up the place.