Thoughts From the Frontline, December 2003

Oil, Stock Prices and the Dollar

December 19, 2003

This week we see what oil has to do with the price of tea in China, what they both have to say about the US stock market and the implications for the ongoing recovery. Plus, we travel a little far afield, from Rotterdam to Saudi Arabia, Iran to Venezuela, and then end up in your back yard to see what you can do to shed some light in Myanmar. It will make for a very interesting e-letter.

The Fed Said What?

December 12, 2003

Today we look at recent Fed statements, which give us more than a few clues as to what is really happening in the economy, plus a few thoughts on the markets.

The song in my mind the past few days has been "Free at Last." My book in progress is finished - all 24 chapters! It's in the hands of my staff and the capable editors at Wiley. They tell me it will be 400 plus pages, bordering on 500. I left about 300 pages on the editing floor. More on that below.

The Problem With Assumptions

December 5, 2003

Insanity, my bride tells me again and again, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This week we return to the concept of Bringing Out Your Inner Spock. We look at four more reasons why our psychological make-up makes us prone to making major investment mistakes. For those who missed it, I discussed one of them with Ron Insana and Sue Herera on CNBC yesterday afternoon. They invited me over to their spiffy new studios for some on air chat time about the markets....