Thoughts From the Frontline, March 2001

Deflation Made Simple

March 30, 2001

This is an important e-letter. I have thought long and worked hard on it. Part two, which will offer some investment possibilities, will come next week.

The Tony Dorsett Economy

March 16, 2001

Since I wrote the last e-letter about my belief that we are now in a total bear market, the Dow has collapsed another 8%. The NASDAQ is down more. In this issue I want to follow up on some questions, review some previous important predictions and offer some advice. Also, we are going to follow up on high yield bonds and our sector models. I will make an effort to be brief with so much in our hopper.

Sea Changes

March 13, 2001

I have not written in a week or so, as my daughter was out on vacation and I found I could not send an e-letter correctly. That will never happen again, as this old dog is going to learn a new trick or two.

One of my readers wrote that my last e-letter took a long time to reach the conclusion that I had no clue, but that he appreciated my honesty. I hope I can satisfy him today as I take a leap and take a position.