Thoughts From the Frontline, June 2003

The Investment Matrix Revelations

June 27, 2003

This week the Fed cut rates by 0.25% as I predicted, yet the long rates have risen by over 0.50% from the lows. The dollar rises, gold drops and the stock market declines. On Tuesday, I was a guest of Ron Insana and Sue Herera on CNBC's "Business Center." During the interview, Ms. Herera asked me, "What would you like to see the Fed do?"

Bull Market or Bear Market Rally?

June 20, 2003

This week I want to briefly look at some comments by Stephen Roach and Rob Arnott, two of my favorite analysts. Then we quickly segue into Part One of a series showing the relationship between stock market returns, P/E ratios, inflation/deflation and the economy. This is some of the more practical and significant research I have written about in the last few years, and I think you will find it very helpful in developing your own investment strategy.

The Economic Silly Season

June 13, 2003

It seems to be the economic silly season. This week we will explore some of the more absurd ideas to make their way to my reading material this week. I call these to your attention not to make fun of them (well, maybe a little), but because they offer an excellent opportunity for enlightenment. We will look at Japan's plans to tax cash (not profits or interest but actual cash in your bank account), Yahoo selling bonds with no interest, Greenspan buying insurance, Freddie Mac and the NASDAQ...

The Bankrupting of America

June 6, 2003

Today we have a guest writer for Thoughts From the Frontline, as I am in Puerto Vallarta sipping margaritas by the beach. I asked my friend, Porter Stansberry, to give us his take on the recent (and very important) study which shows the US government is $44 trillion dollars in debt. I think you will like his easy reading style, even if the analysis is sobering. Then, to end on an upbeat note, I asked him to give you a free link to a recent study by David Lashmet, one of his analysts from the...