Outside the Box, October 2004


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China Misconceptions

October 25, 2004

"Where," asked Jack Nicholson's character about Batman, "does he get all those wonderful toys?" Many readers wonder about where I get so many great articles. I get them sent to me by a "network" or readers and friends who look for the studies that truly shed light upon our current world. This week's letter was forwarded to me from a friend in England, but the article comes from another corner of the world. This week's Outside the Box is a thought-provoking piece on China from a group...

Quarterly Review and Outlook - Q3 2004

October 18, 2004

This week's letter is from two of my favorite economists, Van Hoisington and Dr. Lacy Hunt of Hoisington Investment Management Company in Austin, Texas. They specialize in management of fixed income portfolios for large institutional clients by setting long-term investment strategies based on economic analysis. They have been one of the most successful of bond managers in the country. (I have no affiliation with them.) I eagerly read all of their writing and analysis, and find it to be some of...

Are two heads better than one?

October 11, 2004

This week's letter is from my favourite behavioural finance thinker, James Montier of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London. James wrote a fascinating book two years ago called "Behavioural Finance: A User's Guide" and puts out ongoing research like the one we will enjoy today. Long time readers will recognise the name because I have discussed many of his ideas in my weekly letter "Thoughts From the Frontline" and my book "Bull's Eye Investing."

In the past we have looked at individual...

Putting the World to Rights Again

October 4, 2004

This week's letter is from Financial News Online. Located in London, they are one of the leading sources of information about Europe's investment banking, fund management and securities industries. Financial News ran a piece last week that was a series of letters over the summer between two of my all time favourite analysts, Bill Gross of Pimco and Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley.

Gross and Roach exchanged letters over the summer expressing their outlook on many current economic issues...