Outside the Box, December 2006


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Thailand’s Rash ‘Lock-Up’ Move

December 21, 2006

Today's Special Edition "Outside the Box" is presented by Stratfor and covers the effects spawning from the recent coup in Thailand. Upon the removal of the Prime Minister back in September, the country saw a retreat in the investment sector of its economy. But it did not take long for the speculation to arise as net investment inflows surged upwards to unsustainable highs. In response, the government took ill-advised actions only to later have them reversed. I believe that we should pay...

Festivus Flow-of-Funds Stocking Stuffers

December 18, 2006

One of my favorite economists, Paul Kasriel, wrote an excellent article last Friday in his weekly commentary, "The Econtrarian." Not only is it a great "outside the box" analysis but it also follows up to and illustrates several points that I made in my latest e-Letter, "Party Like It's 1999."

At Northern Trust, Paul is the Senior Vice President and Director of Economic Research, responsible for producing the Corporation's economic and interest rate forecasts. He is also the recipient of the...

Global Transitions

December 11, 2006

With a new year just weeks away, investors are weighing expectations and asking questions about what lies ahead. Each year presents its own set of opportunities and challenges, especially in are ever-increasing global economy. Today's "Outside the Box" features a letter by Stephen Roach on the impending transitions of this interconnected marketplace.

Stephen S. Roach is Managing Director and Chief Economist of Morgan Stanley, and is widely recognized as one of Wall Street's most influential...

Russia’s Interest in Litvinenko

December 7, 2006

Today's Special Edition of "Outside the Box" by my friends at Stratfor gives us a very insightful analysis or Russia, using the recent poisoning of a former Russian as a jumping off point. George Friedman, President of Stratfor, gives us an insider's view of what this means in light of historical Russian events and its current leadership. I must admit that I was initially expecting to be somewhat bored (yet another commentary on the spy poisoning?) but came away fascinated as George takes us...

Lost in America?

December 4, 2006

I am pleased to present to you a thoughtful piece by good friend and business partner Jon Sundt in today's "Outside the Box." Jon is the President of Altegris Investments and a very insightful thinker.

In his article "Lost in America? Asset Allocation and the Old Brain," Jon takes a look at some of the psychological challenges we face in investing. He further goes on to discuss why asset allocation is such an important component to any investor's strategy amidst of an increasingly global and...