Outside the Box, February 2007


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Life after Debt - Russia’s New Millennium

February 26, 2007

I got a lot of response from my recent letter on South Africa. Today we turn to another emerging market country. Since the late 90's, what country's equity market has performed the best? At first thought, many might say China or India due to the robust economic growth that has taken place. Still others might weigh in with countries such as Brazil or Dubai because of their booming commodities and tourism sectors, respectively. The answer is Russia with it boasting a 37 fold increase since 1998!


‘Capital Ideas’ Or ‘CRAP’?

February 19, 2007

Introduction Today I am pleased to present to you an exceptionally interesting article for this week's Outside the Box. But before I do, let me say that it is roughly double in length as normal, so please read it at your leisure. Before I give my 2 cents on it, I would like to both acknowledge and thank Kathryn Welling for her permission to provide you with this. Kathryn is a partner of Welling@Weeden, a service provider of independent, timely and incisive news, research and analysis, to...

Russia’s Great-Power Strategy

February 15, 2007

Today's special edition Outside the Box discusses the long-term strategy that Russian President Vladimir Putin is setting in place. Stratfor President George Friedman has written an intriguing article on what he sees as some motives, opportunities and scenarios that the Russian leadership faces in a complex set of maneuvers involving the United States and the Middle East.

For those of you unfamiliar with Stratfor, it is the closest thing to a "private CIA" as the organization provides in-depth...

Destitute At 80: Retiring In Secular Cycles

February 12, 2007

Does the concept of retirement sound scary? If it does don't feel that you're alone. A lot of issues and concerns come along with the subject, the most familiar of which is financial freedom. Even after you have saved a substantial nest egg, it can be difficult to plan out your withdrawal strategy when presented with several unknown variables such as life expectancy and rate of return.

Today's Outside the Box is by my good friend and the always fascinating analyst, Ed Easterling. Ed has written...

If Fed Funds Rate ‘Fails’ to Fall

February 5, 2007

Today's Outside the Box is by my good friend and PIMCO's Managing Director, Paul McCulley. In his article "If Fed Funds Rate 'Fails' to Fall," Paul discusses the mindset behind the decision making of central banks and how they determine policy. From there he goes on to explain that the markets have "priced-in" expectations of the Fed easing rates sometime later this year. But what if the Fed doesn't decide to make a rate cut? Paul takes a quick look at both scenarios.

Paul writes a monthly...

China’s Concerns in 2007: Fears of a Perfect Storm

February 1, 2007

Today's special edition Outside the Box covers the looming political concerns of China in the new year. Leading China expert at Stratfor, Rodger Baker, has written an excellent analysis on the issues faced by the current and future leadership of the country, as well as the potential reactions of the United States.

Stratfor is the closest thing to a "private CIA" as the organization provides in-depth analysis on geopolitical events spanning the globe. As always, George has decided to give my...