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Dispatch: China Factors in U.S.-South Korean Relations

July 22, 2010

The key to being a great chess player is to think ahead. True grandmasters think ahead not by just one or two steps, but a full game. The key to winning is determining the most likely moves of your opponent, among what seem at first glance to be hundreds of possibilities. The same can be said of finance. Knowing what to expect from key world players is critical to investing.

STRATFOR is an intelligence agency available to the public. If you want to know what to expect from different nations and leaders around the world, you read these guys. Founder George Friedman has developed a methodology for predictive intelligence that gives his readers a clear understanding of what to expect. While at first glance there seem to be dozens of options for nations and leaders, once you evaluate each option logically, it becomes easier to predict their actions. Today I'm including a video analysis, one of STRATFOR's many daily reports, that provides insight on what's next for the players in the Far East and their relationships to the United States. Click here to watch the video, and don't forget to sign up for their free weekly email reports and special offers.

John Mauldin, Editor
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Dispatch: China Factors in U.S.-South Korean Relations


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