Outside the Box, September 2012


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What If the Fed Has It All Wrong?

September 24, 2012

As long-time readers know, I get a large volume of research sent my way. I can't get to all of it every week, but I really do try. And today's Outside the Box, from a new (to me) source, hooked me from the first few paragraphs.

Correlation is not causation, as we all know. That brings us to the Fed, where many market observers are seeing causation when there might be other reasons for stock market movements. What if the victory lap Bernanke has taken due to stock market results is perhaps...

2012 – The Most Important Year Yet in Technology

September 18, 2012

As you'll recall, I spent much of last week with the folks at Casey Research, at their most recent investment summit.  They always put on a top-notch show, and there were many impressive speakers.  But, as a big fan of technology, both for its place in the future of our economy and for the sheer coolness factor of some of the amazing things we can now achieve, I really liked one talk in particular.

Alex Daley, editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology (a newsletter I look forward to reading...

A Decade of Volatility: Demographics, Debt, and Deflation

September 11, 2012

Harry Dent gave a speech I listened to a while back, and I got him to transcribe it for this week's Outside the Box. One thing about Harry is, you are never left wondering what he thinks about a topic. He sees inevitable demography-caused deflation in our future and makes some very intriguing arguments that deserve pondering.

At the end is a link to another report and a way to subscribe to his letter, if you are interested in more of his perspective. But first, I suggest you read...