Outside the Box, October 2013


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Hoisington Investment Management Quarterly Review and Outlook

October 30, 2013

In their third-quarter Review and Outlook – today's Outside the Box – Lacy Hunt and Van Hoisington get right down to telling us why the Federal Reserve's Large Scale Asset Purchase (LSAP) program is doomed to failure. (This is a thesis that is dear to my heart, since coauthor Jonathan Tepper and I explore it at length in our just-released book, Code Red.) The Fed scrambled hard and came up with some extraordinary measures to keep the global economy more or less in one piece as the Great...

Earnings Growth to Ramp Up? Call Me a Skeptic

October 22, 2013

In today’s Outside the Box, Sheraz Mian, Director of Research for Zacks Investment Research, gives us an overview of corporate earnings trends for the past several quarters and consensus expectations going forward, and asks, “How realistic are these expectations?”

Not very, he says, and tells us why. This is the sort of thorough, no-nonsense analysis Zacks is famous for. Zacks Investment Research was founded in 1978 by Len Zacks, PhD. Many innovations have come from this firm over the...

Life-Extending Biotechnologies: Creating and Solving Our Economic Problems

October 15, 2013

John Mauldin | October 15, 2013

You know I've always been a dreamer
(spent my life running 'round)
And it's so hard to change
(Can't seem to settle down)
But the dreams I've seen lately
Keep on turning out and burning out
And turning out the same

So put me on a highway
And show me a sign
And take it to the limit one more time

-The Eagles, 1975

Straightforward solutions to complex problems: they're nice in theory, but they're rare. Think of the Affordable Care Act, or...


October 9, 2013

David Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors (and our host at "Camp Kotok" for the annual "Shadow Fed" fishing expedition), leads off today's Outside the Box by meticulously dissecting the roadkill that is our federal government's process for deciding whether they will continue to pay their bills and federal employees' wages.

Will the US default? David doesn't think so, and neither do I; but oh, the foolishness, even to tempt the economic fates (read: the...

Taper Capers

October 1, 2013

Michael Lewitt has long been one of my favorite thinkers and writers on matters economic. He's incisive, thorough, and, well, pithy. No holds barred. Today's Outside the Box features an extended excerpt from the October issue of Michael's The Credit Strategist, which he has kindly allowed me to pass on to you.

Michael leads off this month with some useful thoughts on "the art of learning to live with intellectual and emotional discomfort," which he says is a key requirement for successful...