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Res Politica versus Res Economica

September 19, 2011

Today’s Outside the Box is the latest chapter in my ongoing discussion with Dr. Woody Brock on the rationale of the politics of economics. In this essay, Woody explains how political science has taken a back seat to economics, and how to redress the imbalance we find today between what he terms "Res Politica" (the rule of politics) and "Res Economica" (the rule of economics or money). Where the rubber meets the road here is that our important economic decisions are increasingly being made by politicians (who are not particularly well-schooled in either economics or political science), with consequences that are likely to be dangerous. You will have to put on your thinking cap, but this will provide you with some real insights and food for thought.

Woody is one of the best “big-picture” economic theoreticians of our time, and that’s why I treasure the times we get to talk (or rather I get to “sit in "school” and learn), and have invited him to speak at our annual conference. He has already committed for next year, so save the dates: May 2-4 in La Jolla. In the meantime, you can find more of Woody’s thinking at his company’s site, Strategic Economic Decisions. (For the record, this is the first OTB I have sent from my iPad.)

Your hoping the politicians are listening analyst,