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China Security Memo: Looking into “Reverse Mergers” on Wall Street

July 16, 2011

The saying goes that you can learn something new every day. If you're paying attention that is – and more importantly if you know where to look. Today I was getting my morning fill of geopolitical intel from my friends over at STRATFOR (on everything from personal security to country economic profiles) and stumbled onto their weekly China Security Memo, this particular edition on "Looking into Reverse Mergers on Wall Street." Is this another head-scratcher in the less-than-conventional foreign policy coming from China, or a regulatory end-around by some enterprising Chinese companies?  Take a few minutes to read this report, which also goes through everything that happened in China this week that matters.

This article discusses the SEC's ongoing investigation of the "reverse mergers," where questionable Chinese auditing allowed companies to list on U.S. stock exchanges despite their fraudulent accounts. The report is a superb example of the detail and insight STRATFOR gives its customers. If you're into the idea of learning something new on a daily basis (the desire grows with age, I believe) you'll enjoy learning about the current state of Chinese regulations (or lack thereof) for companies that list on US stock markets, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that compete with American businesses, recent bank robberies, tensions with the Catholic Church, and bottled water contaminated with E. coli. In other words, you'll definitely meet your novel-knowledge quota for the day, all while getting the deepest insight on the security situation in China.

And if you're interested in getting more than just an occasional note and article from me every now and then, I've procured a nice discount of 63% on a STRATFOR subscription. It's one of the smartest sources I read every morning – a great investment, in my humble opinion.