This Week in Geopolitics, July 2017

One Way Russia Can Retaliate Against US Sanctions

July 31, 2017

The US Congress has passed new sanctions targeting Russia’s energy companies. Among the other notable aspects of the sanctions is that they take some authority away from the US president (who used to be able to implement some measures but not others at his discretion) and give it to Congress.

US-China Trade Talks Collapse and It’s North Korea’s Fault

July 24, 2017

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

July 17, 2017

Economics and finance are thought to be more predictable than other disciplines such as politics because they are quantifiable. This is debatable. The extent to which quantitative economic analysis is possible depends on the relationship between the number and reality. That there is a relationship is true, but the relationship is more tenuous than might be thought.

Geopolitical Risk, Business, and Investment

July 10, 2017

When people think about geopolitics, they tend to think about war, as if the two issues were the same. But that is only partly true.