This Week in Geopolitics, December 2015

Russia’s Strategy

December 28, 2015

Two things are necessary to understand a nation’s strategy. The first is to view the world through the eyes of that nation… to know what it hopes for and fears. The second is to understand that the nation’s leader is far from a free agent. He (or she) became the leader by making endless political and financial deals along the way, and he remains the leader only to the extent that he satisfies others. There are also constraints and imperatives surrounding the leader that shape his actions. Some...

Free Trade and the Crisis of the Exporters

December 22, 2015

[Editor’s note: This is the first edition of our new weekly letter by George Friedman.  If you are not interested in receiving this letter, please click here and we’ll remove you from future sends. Thanks!]

Last week, the South Korean president called for the development of an economic contingency plan to brace for a possible crisis. There was much internal politics behind the announcement, but at the root, the South Koreans are worried. Their fundamental problem is that they are enormously...